How to Open Your Honeywell Safe if You Lost the Key

Losing the key to a safe or forgetting its combination can be a stressful ordeal, especially when important documents or valuables are locked inside.

Honeywell, a trusted name in home security, offers a range of safes designed to protect your most precious belongings. However, what happens when the very safeguards put in place to protect your items become the barrier to accessing them?

In this article, we delve into the steps you can take to regain access to your Honeywell safe when you’ve lost your key or forgotten the combination.

From understanding the nuances of Honeywell’s customer service process to practical tips on dealing with lock and key issues, we’ll guide you through the procedures for both pre- and post-2011 models.

Whether it’s navigating the complexities of key replacement or decoding the digital keypad’s functionalities, this article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to unlocking the solutions to your safe-related predicaments.

Steps You Can Take to Open Your Honewell Safe if You Lost the Key

If you’ve lost the key to your Honeywell safe, here are some steps you can take to regain access:

  1. Check for a Spare Key: First, check if you have a spare key located somewhere else. Sometimes people keep a spare in a secure place in case of such an event.
  2. Use the Override Code: Many Honeywell safes come with a factory-set master or override code that can be used to open the safe in case of a lost key. If you have set an override code in the past, use it to open the safe.
  3. Proof of Ownership: Gather proof of ownership documents such as your purchase receipt, the safe’s model number, and serial number. This information will be necessary if you need to contact Honeywell customer service for assistance.
  4. Contact Honeywell Customer Service: Reach out to Honeywell’s customer support. They can provide you with guidance on how to order replacement keys or how to access your safe. They may require proof of ownership and some personal identification to ensure the safe is yours.
  5. Professional Locksmith: If you cannot get a replacement key from Honeywell or if you need immediate access, you may need to call a professional locksmith. A locksmith can either pick the lock or drill the safe open if necessary. Be aware that this could potentially damage the safe and might void any warranty.
  6. Order a Replacement Key: If you have the key number (which is sometimes found in the safe’s manual or on the key lock itself), you can order a replacement key directly from Honeywell or through a locksmith.
  7. Safe Manual: Refer to your safe’s manual for specific instructions on obtaining a replacement key or accessing the safe without the key. The manual may have a customer support number or instructions for your particular model.

Please contact Honeywell before you hire a locksmith obviously. A locksmith is a last resort. Also, check out their FAQ. If you need assistance finding contact information for Honeywell or specific instructions for your safe model, please see below.

Tips to Help You Open Your Honewell Safe if You Lost the Key or Forgotten the Combination

If you lost your key or forgotten the combination to your Honeywell safe, here are some tips and contact information to help you potentially regain access:

If You Lost Your Keys:

For Safes Purchased Before 2011:

Contact First Alert for replacement keys:

For Safes Purchased in 2011 or After:

Contact LH Licensed Products:

  • Phone: 877-354-5457
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Provide your safe’s model, serial, and/or key number for identification.
  • Fill Out a Product Ownership Verification Form:
    • With Receipt: Provide a copy of your picture ID and the receipt.
    • Without Receipt: The form must be notarized.
  • Order Replacement Keys: Visit for complete instructions.

Finding the Key Number:

  • The key number is typically found on the key itself and on the front side of the lock.

If You Have Key or Lock Issues:

  • Mismatched Key: Ensure the key number matches the lock. If not, contact customer service.
  • Key Won’t Turn: Use WD40 in the lock, wait, and try again. If unsuccessful, contact customer service.
  • Key Stuck: Contact customer service for assistance.

If You Have Multiple Keys:

  • Four Keys Included: Some models come with two companion keys and two emergency override keys.
  • Keying Alike: Honeywell safes cannot be keyed alike for security reasons.

Battery Information:

  • Type Required: Most safes need (4) AA alkaline batteries.
  • Replacement Frequency: Replace at least once a year, or more often if used regularly.

If You Forgot Your Combination:

  • Check the Operating Manual: The combination may be on the first or last page.
  • Contact Customer Service: If the combination is not found, reach out for assistance.

If You Have Operational Issues:

  • Safe Locked Upon Receipt: Use the override key/combination, or contact customer service.
  • Digital Keypad Not Working: Check the code, batteries, and lockout mode, or contact customer service.
  • Incorrect Combination Entry: Follow manual instructions precisely, or contact customer service.
  • Lockout Message (HoldO5): Wait for the lockout period to end, use the emergency override key, or refer to the manual for specific model lockout times.

Contacting Customer Service:

Always ensure you have your safe’s model and serial number handy when contacting customer service. Keep your proof of purchase and any identification ready if required for verification purposes. Follow the instructions provided by customer service carefully to regain access (🤞)to your safe.

The Bottom Line

While a lost key or forgotten combination can initially seem like a major hurdle, regaining access to your Honeywell safe is typically a straightforward process.

So remember, a lost key to Honeywell safe isn’t always the end of the world. Stay calm! While this can certainly be a stressful situation, most people resolve their issue.

By keeping track of essential information such as your safe’s model and serial numbers and following the steps provided by Honeywell and LH Licensed Products, you can swiftly navigate the path to unlocking your safe.

Regular maintenance and safekeeping of your manual and backup keys can prevent future lockouts, ensuring that your valuables are secure yet accessible when needed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contact Information: Keep Honeywell’s customer service contacts handy.
  • Proof of Ownership: Maintain a record of your safe’s model, serial numbers, and proof of purchase.
  • Maintenance: Regularly check and replace your safe’s batteries.
  • Emergency Access: Familiarize yourself with the emergency override key and process.


Q: What do I do if I lose my Honeywell safe key?

A: Contact Honeywell or LH Licensed Products for a replacement, depending on your safe’s purchase date.

Q: How can I prevent being locked out of my safe in the future?

A: Regularly replace batteries, store backup keys in a secure location, and keep your manual accessible.

Q: Can I get my Honeywell safes keyed alike for convenience?

A: No, for security reasons, each Honeywell safe has a unique key configuration.

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