Rural King Gun Safe Reviews: Top Rated Long Gun Safes

In the world of firearm safety and security, Rural King emerges as a trusted partner, offering a diverse array of long gun safes to fit your needs.

From the robust and roomy Cannon 42-Gun Fire Resistant Security Safe to the compact and efficient Ridgeline 20 Gun Safe, Rural King’s lineup is meticulously curated to ensure that there’s a safe for every gun owner.

We are going to take a look at the top-rated gun safes at Rural King, exploring the intricate balance of pros and cons that each model offers. Right up their alongside Winchester gun safes, some of these safes are top notch.

From the Cannon RK5536’s expansive storage capacity and fire resistance to the practicality and added value of the Ridgeline 20 Gun Safe with mini ammo cans, this article will guide you through the nuances of selecting the perfect safe for your long guns.

Join us as we unlock the features, assess the build quality, and weigh the benefits against the drawbacks, providing you with the insights needed to make an informed decision in safeguarding your firearms.

Rural King Long Gun Safes for Sale

Rural King offers a variety of long gun safes designed to provide security and fire resistance for firearms.

Here are some of the different long gun safes currently available from Rural King:

  1. Browning Sporter 49 Tall Long Gun Safe, Hammer Gloss Gray
  2. Cannon 24-Gun Fire-Resistant Security Safe
  3. Cannon 42-Gun Fire Resistant Security Safe
  4. Stack-On High Capacity 85-Gun Fire Safe
  5. Cannon 76-Gun Fire Resistant Security Safe
  6. Ridgeline 24 Gun Hold Fast Safe
  7. 18-Gun Fireproof E-Lock Safe with Dehumidifier
  8. Rhino 40 Minute Fire Rated Safe
  9. Cannon 18-Gun Fire Resistant Security Safe
  10. Cannon 64-Gun 30 Min Fireproof Safe
  11. Browning Sporter 23 Long Gun Safe, Hammer Gloss Gray
  12. Gettysburg 44 Gun Fireproof Safe, Grey
  13. Browning Sporter Hawg 49 Long Gun Safe
  14. Ridgeline 20 Gun Safe

Rural King Gun Safe Reviews: Top 5 Rated Long Gun Safes

If you’re looking for the top five rated Rural King gun safes, here are the highest rated long gun safes that they currently offer:

1. Cannon 42-Gun Fire Resistant Security Safe – RK5536-30H1EY22 Review

Cannon 42-Gun Fire Resistant Security Safe - RK5536-30H1EY22 review

The Cannon RK5536 42-gun safe is a robust security solution for firearm enthusiasts looking to protect a large collection.

Priced at $739.99, it has received great user feedback with a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating from 4 reviews.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: It can hold up to 42 long guns and 9 handguns, totaling a capacity for 51 firearms. This makes it suitable for both avid collectors and those looking to secure multiple weapons for safety.
  • Fire Protection: The safe is fire-rated for 30 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It includes a Triple FIN fire seal that expands when exposed to heat, offering additional protection against smoke and fire damage.
  • Construction: The safe features a solid, heavy gauge steel unibody design with three steel 1.25” x 4” locking bolts. The TruLock internal hinge system is designed to defend against pry attacks, enhancing the security against unauthorized access.
  • Interior: It comes with a top shelf for additional storage, which can be used for ammo or valuables. The interior is luxuriously lined to protect valuables from scratches or damage.
  • Locking Mechanism: The safe is equipped with an electronic lock and keypad, which provides a modern and secure way to access your firearms quickly.
  • Design: It has a stylish chrome 3-spoke handle, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the safe.
  • Compliance and Warranty: This product is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device, meeting the requirements of Penal Code section 23655. Additionally, it comes with Cannon’s transferable Lifetime Repair/Replacement Warranty, which covers damage from fire, natural flood, or burglary.


  • Large capacity for up to 42 guns.
  • Fire-resistant for 30 minutes at 1200°F.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction enhances security.
  • Electronic lock with a keypad for secure access.
  • Lifetime repair/replacement warranty.


  • May be too large for those with smaller collections or limited space.
  • Electronic locks can be subject to failure in case of an EMP or battery issues (though a backup key is provided).

The Cannon RK5536 42-gun safe is a comprehensive solution for those who prioritize the security and safety of their firearms and valuables. Its combination of capacity, fire resistance, and security features, along with the lifetime warranty, make it a considerable option for those in need of a reliable gun safe.

2. 18-Gun Fireproof E-Lock Safe with Dehumidifier – 18EBRK Review

18-Gun Fireproof E-Lock Safe with Dehumidifier - 18EBRK Review

The 18-Gun Fireproof E-Lock Safe with Dehumidifier is a secure storage solution for firearms, offering fire protection and a built-in dehumidifier to maintain the condition of the contents.

It is priced at $319.93 and has received a strong customer approval rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 51 reviews.

Key Features:

  • Fireproof Rating: The safe is rated to withstand 1200°F for up to 30 minutes, providing substantial protection against fire damage.
  • Locking Mechanism: It features an electronic lock with an alarm U function and a backup key, ensuring secure access with an added layer of security.
  • Interior: The safe includes factory-installed door storage and comes with a rechargeable cordless dehumidifier to prevent moisture build-up, which is particularly beneficial for the maintenance of firearms.
  • Design: The grey convertible interior and external hinge allow for a full 180-degree door opening, making it easier to access the contents.
  • Security Bolts: It is equipped with 3 – 1″ live bolts and 2 – 1″ dead bolts, along with a patented notch bolt for added security.
  • Compliance: The safe is approved by the California Department of Justice.
  • Mounting: Pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware are included for securing the safe to the floor or wall.
  • Shelving: There is 1 full and 3 half shelves to organize the safe’s contents effectively.
  • Dimensions: The exterior measures 55″ H x 20″ W x 17″ D, and the interior is 52.9″ H x 17.8″ W x 13.5″ D.


  • Fireproof rating of 30 minutes at 1200°F.
  • Built-in dehumidifier to protect against moisture.
  • Electronic lock with alarm U function for added security.
  • California DOJ approved.


  • Limited capacity for only 18 guns.
  • Electronic components may require maintenance or battery replacement.

This safe is a good choice for gun owners who need to secure a moderate collection of firearms and want to ensure their protection from fire and theft. The inclusion of a dehumidifier is a thoughtful touch, addressing the issue of humidity that can cause damage to guns and ammunition.

3. Rhino 40 Minute Fire Rated Safe – RB6036ECS-BLUE Review

rhino RB6036ECS gun safe review

The Rhino 40 Minute Fire Rated Safe is a sturdy and secure option for gun owners, offering a good balance of fire protection and capacity.

There’s a reason why Rhino safes are popular among Americans. Besides being made in USA, their quality and durability is top notch.

The Rhino 40 – RB6036ECS has a regular price of $1309.00, and customers have given it an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars rating based on a number of reviews.

Key Features:

  • Fire Protection: The safe provides 40 minutes of fire protection at 1400ºF, which is higher than many standard fire ratings for gun safes.
  • Capacity: It can accommodate up to 44 long guns, making it suitable for a sizeable firearm collection.
  • Lock: The safe features a UL Listed Electronic Lock, ensuring a high level of security for the contents.
  • Construction: Built with 14 gauge steel construction, it includes a hardened armor plate and a spring-loaded relocker for added security against drilling and other forms of physical attack.
  • Anti-Tamper Handle: The patented anti-tamper clutched handle is designed to resist tampering and forced entry.
  • Humidity Control: It is pre-drilled for an electric dehumidifier, allowing for easy installation to manage interior humidity levels.
  • Interior: The safe comes with a deluxe door organizer, making it convenient to store small items and documents.
  • Design: It has a textured blue exterior with a heather interior, offering a distinctive look.
  • Warranty: A limited lifetime warranty backs the safe, providing long-term peace of mind for the investment.


  • 40 minutes of fire protection at 1400°F.
  • Can hold up to 44 long guns.
  • 14 gauge steel construction with a hardened armor plate.
  • UL Listed Electronic Lock for high security.
  • Pre-drilled for a dehumidifier.


  • Higher price point may not be suitable for all budgets.
  • The weight and size might require professional installation.

With its substantial fire rating, large capacity, and robust security features, the Rhino 40 Minute Fire Rated Safe is a solid choice for those who have a larger collection of firearms and are concerned about fire damage and security.

4. Gettysburg 44 Gun Fireproof Safe, Grey – 66792 Review

gettysburg 44 66792 gun safe review

The Gettysburg 44 Gun Fireproof Safe offers a combination of spacious storage and protective features for firearm enthusiasts.

It is priced at $499.98 and has garnered a customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from 5 reviews.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: The safe measures 55.7″H x 29″W x 20″D, providing ample space for up to 44 guns.
  • Construction: It is constructed with heavy-duty 14 gauge steel for the body and door, enhancing its security against unauthorized access and break-ins.
  • Lock: A digital electronic lock secures the safe, with a backup key provided for emergency access.
  • Accessories: The safe comes equipped with 1 large shelf, 3 small shelves, and 1 gun rack, allowing for organized storage of firearms and accessories.
  • Fire Rating: It is fire-rated for 45 minutes at 1400°F, offering protection against heat and fire damage for a significant duration.
  • Design: The safe features a sleek grey exterior, fitting well into various home decors.


  • Spacious interior for up to 44 guns.
  • Fire-rated for 45 minutes at 1400°F.
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel body and door.
  • Digital electronic lock with a backup key.


  • Digital lock may be vulnerable to electronic issues.
  • The size of the safe may not fit in all homes or spaces.

This safe is an excellent choice for gun owners who need to secure a large number of firearms while also requiring fire protection. The combination of a robust electronic lock, heavy gauge steel, and a high fire rating makes it a valuable investment for safeguarding valuable firearms and ammunition.

5. Ridgeline 20 Gun Safe with 4 Pack Mini Ammo Can – 10809

ridgeline 20 10809 gun safe review

The Ridgeline 20 Gun Safe is a practical and well-rated storage option for firearm enthusiasts, priced at $409.93. It has received a high customer satisfaction score, with a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from 26 reviews.

Key Features:

  • Fire Protection: The safe offers 30 minutes of fire protection at 1200°F, providing a standard level of fire resistance for the stored items.
  • Lock: It features an easy-to-operate digital lock with backup keys, ensuring that you have access to your firearms even if the electronic component fails.
  • Construction: The safe is built with heavy-duty 14 gauge steel, offering a durable and secure housing for up to 20 guns.
  • Interior Organization: A door organizer and gun rack are included, which helps in keeping firearms and accessories neatly arranged.
  • External Dimensions: The safe’s dimensions are 55″ x 20″ x 17″, making it a sizable unit that can fit in most spaces while offering substantial storage.
  • Bonus Items: It comes with a 4 pack of mini plastic ammo boxes, which is a nice addition for those who need extra storage for ammunition.


  • Fire protection for 30 minutes at 1200°F.
  • Comes with a 4 pack of mini ammo cans for additional storage.
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel body for durability.
  • Good customer satisfaction with a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating.


  • Limited to 20 guns, which may not be sufficient for collectors.
  • Digital lock requires batteries and could be a point of failure.

This safe is a solid choice for those with a moderate collection of firearms. It provides a balance of fire protection, security, and organizational features, all at a reasonable price point. The inclusion of mini ammo cans is a thoughtful touch, adding value to the purchase.


Rural King’s selection of long gun safes offers a comprehensive range of options to suit the needs of any firearm owner.

From the spacious and fire-resistant Cannon models to the compact and efficient Ridgeline safes, each product provides a unique set of features tailored to protect, preserve, and secure firearms.

The thoughtful inclusion of fire protection, electronic locks, and interior organizers across the board ensures that regardless of which safe you choose, your guns are stored in a secure and accessible manner.

While each safe has its pros and cons, the overall quality, security, and customer satisfaction ratings indicate that Rural King is a reliable source for anyone looking to invest in a long gun safe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Capacity and Size: Consider the number of firearms you need to store. Rural King offers safes that can accommodate collections of various sizes.
  • Fire Protection: Fire resistance is a critical feature. Safes with higher fire ratings offer better protection for your firearms in case of a fire.
  • Security Features: Look for safes with robust locking mechanisms and construction quality to deter theft and unauthorized access.
  • Additional Features: Extras like dehumidifiers and door organizers add value and functionality to your safe.
  • Warranty and Compliance: Check for safes that come with a warranty and comply with safety regulations, such as those set by the California Department of Justice.


Q. What should I consider when choosing a gun safe?

  • A. Consider the size of your firearm collection, the level of fire protection you desire, the type of locking mechanism you prefer, and any additional features that might be beneficial, such as dehumidifiers or interior lighting.

Q. Are electronic locks on gun safes reliable?

  • A. Yes, electronic locks are generally reliable and provide quick access. However, it’s important to have a backup key in case of electronic failure.

Q. How important is fire protection for a gun safe?

  • A. Fire protection is very important as it can prevent damage to your firearms in the event of a fire. The level of protection needed can depend on where you live and the value of your firearms.

Q. Can I install a gun safe by myself?

  • A. Many gun safes can be installed by the owner using pre-drilled mounting holes. However, due to the weight and complexity of larger safes, professional installation may be recommended.

Q. What does it mean when a safe is DOJ approved?

  • A. DOJ approval means the safe meets the standards set by the Department of Justice for firearm safety devices, indicating a high level of security and reliability.
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